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    As many of you have seen after reading my posts, I'm obsessed with lure design and finding those that can be counted on to catch fish in general or in specific circumstances. Here is one I discovered worked yesterday:

    I've had lures - original design #1 - for over ten years and they didn't catch fish. The plastic is too firm and the tail of little use creating much body wobble. For some reason I decided to add a thin tail I had poured and attached using a candle flame - #2 modification. It sat in a storage box for over a year until I decided to give it a try in a local lake where bass were recently aggressive in water less than 5' deep that had weed clumps.

    The action I imparted was a walk the dog jerk & pause one might use with a Zara Spook except this lure darted back and forth similar to that of any jerk worm. Bass clobbered it at midday under a bright sun.

    So today I knew that I would make more and in two different sizes #3 and #4. I colored them using Spike-It dye on a Q tip swab.

    The rig is a no weight T-rig on an offset hook and the line, 2' of 10# test fluorocarbon added to 20# test braid. A medium action rod and the braid had no problem setting the hook with long distance casts thanks to the salt water plastic's heavy weight.

    The reason (possible) the lure worked this time versus the original design, was the addition of a thin tail that quivers on a pause in the retrieve and it's whip on the jerk. There must be part of any design something that provokes fish to strike minus features that prevent it. Adding to it's success I believe was the glitter that flashed as the lure was jerked. Adding more color may not have made a difference, but that's my superstition regarding color contrast.
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