Finally after over two years my partner finally learned to fish!

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    When it comes to panfish or any fishing, the right combination is necessary to catch fish. My buddy insisted he use his rod, reel and line for light finesse lures and nothing I could say could sway him. Finally he understood the importance of a number of factors when it comes to casting, the right lure retrieve, strike detection and the proper way to set the hook for any fish species using light equipment.

    We started out fish a shallow flat I knew held large numbers of panfish after having caught 85 fish in two days in 85 degree water under a bright sun. After my 5th fish to his none, he asked if could cast my rig. Once he caught three fish in a row, that was it ! What I had been trying to teach him finally hit home thereby changing his fishing style forever. After a while he was catching more fish than me!

    Afterwards, he asked if I could order the same rod, reel and line he borrowed because that's all he would ever use for panfish, not realizing that fish of all species and sizes would strike and have to be fought carefully when using a light action rod, lower pound test and diameter braid and light jigs with small hooks. Here are a few words of wisdom dispelled by his success:
    1. you have to watch your line for light strikes
    2. lure color matters
    3. lure design should match local prey
    4. a medium action rod and 8# test mono are all you need to cast light lures
    5. steady retrieves should work most of the time
    6. line slack is no big deal when retrieving a lure
    7. one size jig and hook combo fits all lures and situations
    8. you can't use soft plastic lures under a float to catch fish
    9. sonar is not something necessary to consult regularly when searching for fish
    10. early on the water catches more fish in summer
    11. fishing partners can't learn from one another or the advantages of fishing with someone are nonexistent
    12. keeping secrets regarding a water and lures used is no big deal
    13. finesse tackle is only good for catching smaller fish

    I felt his revelation/ instant satisfaction the same way I felt it for the first time thereby improving my fishing 100 % by proving all the above wrong. What's more, the necessity to always keep an open mind and be aware when it comes to anything regarding freshwater fishing.

    In my case, the fallacy too dumb to learn was replaced by too stubborn to learn and that's there's always hope someone will eventually grasp important concepts like he did.

    The other thing he finally questioned was his belief that another lake we fished had far fewer fish to catch than previous years because of the triploid grass carp added to control weeds - 3700 in fact. While it has harmed post spawn protection for fry, I still can't believe it harmed adult fish to the extent he and others claim the reason for their poor catches. We'll see when we go back in the near future and fish spots I've caught fish for the last 50 years as well as search for others.
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