First time at the Big B

Discussion in 'Barrett Reports' started by Blueshughes, Sep 28, 2019.

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    Today I finally fished Barrett. What an experience! Brought the tube and kicked my #@% off but it was well worth what I will be feeling tomorrow.

    Cloudy most of the day, Wind was tolerable. Water clarity- stained. Temp 70-74.

    Ended up with 20+ fish. Mostly 1.5 to 4 pounders. All on T rigged 8" Curltails anywhere from 5ft to 25ft. Caught 2 over 5#. One a 5.24# and the other 6.08#

    I gotta say the Northerns there are really aggressive in comparison to our Floridas.

    Lots of fun...except for the road in. My stupid Google GPS had me going past the gate(never saw it, too dark) a couple of miles then down a paved road to a extremely poor road up and over, eventually meeting up with the correct road down in the oak river beds. I was driving my Fit. Lucky I have lots of off road experience. It was a pretty intense ride in but now I know next time.



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