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Discussion in 'Bay Fishing' started by DogDudeDrone, May 28, 2020.

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    Hey all you cool cats and kittens! (Watch tiger king in netflix if you havent!)

    I have been fishing here and there but nothing has really been biting. Took the tube out yesterday and nothing for 3 hrs until I found the bite. 5 bites in 10 casts, finally I got one to stick. Decent fight on the baitcaster, and a friendly paddle board woman congratulated me as she past by haha.


    Finally satisfied I decided to keep working this same area...I noticed a drain pipe heading from shore into water, that was the structure I needed. On the kick in, 20ft from shore I got slammed, ripped it up and saw what it was so I loosened the drag and played her a bit. She ran, barley hooked, but I got to shore stood up and slowly pulled her on shore nice and easy. Hook popped out once the fish grips were on! Family from LA was quite stoked to see and helped take photos. Good strong release on this estimated 18”.


    I dont normally blur photos but as I was fishing two guys on a skiff caught a legal on livebait and a kayaker paddled to shore to talk about his first legal halibut he had the day before in the same location. I believe this spot is holding my legal hali and I dont want to give it up yet. No one was shore fishing and my hali could have been caught from shore.

    tight lines, hope everyone is being smart and safe out there.
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