Free Fishing Spots?

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    O.K.,I checked out the DFG fishing reg.s and found the answers to some of the questions at hand. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in using these baits, methods, or locations,check out the regulations for themselves.

    The following information was taken from the ca. dept. of Fish and Games fishing regulation web site:

    Sec. 6.37 : "The Colorado River District consist of Imperial County and..."

    Sec. 1.77- Sunfish: includes bluegill, green sunfish, redear sunfish, pumpinseed, warmouth, yellow perch, and Sacramento perch.

    Sec.4.15(a) : "goldfish, sunfish"..."may be used in all Colorado River District waters".

    I also found the following statement: "Colorado River Special Use Stamp is required for anyone fishing from a boat or other floating device on the Colorado River or adjacent waters forming the California-Arizona border"...

    REMEMBER - Any bait you catch has to be used at that location
    and cannot be transferred to another location.

    Well I hope this shed some light on the issue at hand. Please check out the regulations for yourself before your standing in front of the man with a ticket book explaining how some nut on the internet steered ya wrong!
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