Good to know fish in general aren't picky

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    This is kind of a follow-up to:
    soft plastic designs that provoke fish to strike (or other baits in general)

    When I can't fish, I spend time in my basement area, coming up with new hybrid / composite soft plastic lures that usually get hit by any species. What's more is after catching fish on them, I'm continuing to verify ing that shape and action always matter - neither of which need be a copy of the usual forage fish snack on. The lures below are a collection put aside to illustrate this point.

    What surprised me most were the lure designs that looked nor acted like anything I ever cast before, but must of had something fish were provoked by for so many fish to strike no matter the water or day. Even the wacky rigged 2" sticks caught panfish - something I only assumed bass did striking Senko-like sticks. The claw tail composites also did as well as any soft plastic and for all sizes and species of fish that strike soft plastics.

    is in the eye of the beholder and whether fish identify what any lure appears to be is something the individual anglers must decide. My thing is: either it catches fish or doesn't and believe it or not, any soft plastic lure I've caught fish on the first time, I can count on to catch fish in the future and with high confidence. Hard material lures mostly have a time and place and aren't as universal with many presentations (IE retrieve speeds, rigs, etc,).

    Thus far the tail designs that have done well:
    cone shaped (top middle)
    Crappie Magnet tail (basically a split cone tail)
    thin spike tail
    tin flat tail
    mini-soft stick or two small grub bodies fused together and wacky rigged with a light jighead
    claw (taken from a bass crawfish lure)
    curly tails (but only used with Beetle Spin rigs)
    Slider paddle tail worms (the best) and other paddle tail worms

    When it comes to body choice, there are many shapes that work with the above tails, some less so.

    This isn't to suggest that store bought lures shouldn't be used or bought, but that sometimes the lure least expected to shine regardless the source, turns out to be not a fluke (no pun) but a winner, besides which: for me, using the same lure over and over is a real bore no matter how good it is. I'd just as soon believe fish respond better to design changes no matter how subtle.
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