Hodges and Murray this past week

Discussion in 'Panfish' started by gnohs, Jul 14, 2019.

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    My Barrett report put me in the mood to post another one.

    Went to Hodges in search of dinner in either panfish or cichlid form on Wednesday. Haven't targeted such fish at Hodges since the late 90s or early 2000s and that was always crappie from a boat back in the trees. Wasn't really sure what I should be doing, but how hard could it be. Lure of choice was 1.5" minijig with 1/32oz jighead. After a few hours I had successfully caught well over 100...micro bass because they. wouldn't. leave. my. bait. alone. Also 1 mini channel cat. Not sure where in the world he came from. Maybe I was in the wrong places. Maybe the little bass were just too thick to get to what I wanted. Still a fun day outside.

    Went to Murray hoping that the redear were holding close to shore even if they were done spawning. Even smaller than micro bass and tiny bluegill or redear or whatever type of sunfish all over. Love tubing Murray but I absolutely despise this lake from shore. Moss for days and way too flat way too far out. Long story short, I caught a bass slam consisting of two micro sandies, one micro spottie and about half a dozen tiny calicos. You might be wondering how that happened at Murray. Well it's because I got fed up with being there (I did catch 1 quarter sized bluegill that somehow got hooked) and drove to MB with only my UL setup. The 1/32oz jighead with a 2" grub was very popular with the little bass. It was a spot I knew held a decent amount of opaleye because I've wondered if they would curiously take a tiny lure (they would not). I'll probably tube Murray this coming week one day. In the mood for a panfish feast and I feel good about finding some here.
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    Had me going with those Sandys and Spotties from Murray! Not even sure VinnyBass could that!
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    New Had me going with those Sandys and Spotties from Murray! Not even sure VinnyBass could that!

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