I am melting!

Discussion in 'Bay Fishing' started by fishinmike, Aug 12, 2018.

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    I haven’t been out for a few weeks. Decided to launch from Liberty Station. Got ramp rash and a swollen elbow when I ate booboo on the little ramp. Contemplated calling it right then, but I had to feed the addiction! Paddled out to the pier. A couple of yaks were working the west side of the pier so stayed on the east side. Worked the deeper water for a couple of bumps. Moved in closer to the moored boats. Drift was faster there. Pulled out 13 spotties from the pier to the shoal buoy. Winged a large bat ray near the catamaran. Busted me off at the yak.
    Father called me. He wanted to get a haircut so I started in. Caught one more spottie at the bridge. Off the water by 10. Good thing because it was getting hot.
    22D8824B-A93B-4357-A09E-FB6C6019BAD9.jpeg 4AF8174B-6CE1-4B48-9934-4BAD5F97409D.jpeg 59B90463-EE0A-4C6A-B0AD-0DE322AE4469.jpeg
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    Did you just add the assist hook to the laser minnow? How's it working for you.
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