Is That Rain Coming? Kick Harder !

Discussion in 'Float Tubing' started by Creek, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Met Capt Woody this morning at Shelter Island for a couple hours of (wet) fun. Water clarity getting in wasnt all that bad at maybe five feet or so. And the water temp was anywhere from 68-70 .. depending on what freaky bassackwards current you were in at the moment. Humid outside today with a ton of gorgeous sub-tropical clouds looming both out east over the mountains and directly overhead.



    We both just monkeyed around for the first ten minutes or so.. throwing short, throwing long, dragging the ledges and just really trying to figure out what level the fish were hanging around at. I ended up finding them between 12-14', cruising the ledge just short of the first row of moored boats. Woody was following along, picking up intermittent grabs as well.


    Lots of rolling water today, most caused by larger vessels ripping by.. like this one.. that made some fairly good rollers that we took in stride. Saw them coming from a football field away. Got sideways and leaned into them as they bashed into the sides of our tubes.


    At one point I was up to my neck in little bait blasts. Lots of tiny fish just all of sudden jumping out of the water. I threw into the mix once (they were so close it was like they should have jumped onto my lap for safety), and took a good rip from a fat Mackerel that jumped off after I started stripping line.

    Biggest thing I noticed was that Woody and I were constantly losing the better fish - the ones that would yank line out of our hands - in the first several seconds of the fight. No idea why. Really started pizzing us off after a while. Those hits were definitely slated to be our best fish of the day, but neither one of us saw any of them come to hand.

    So we're just minding our business really.. just feeling our way west past the boats and toward the pier. And here it comes. We saw it coming from across the bay. I was thinking, "KICK !!" but I'm sot sure where I could have kicked to. I even considered seeking refuge get under one of the double-hull lifted sailboats out there.. but I didn't know if I'd get busted or not by a boat owner that might have happened to be home. So we stuck it out. Whatever. We're in water now and water dries eventually. Kept fishing right through it. Ten minutes later and its gone - except for some little spits here and there.



    Pretty much it. I ended with I'm not sure..12 or 15, I don't know. Doesnt matter. Woody, around the same I think. Wasn't much action-wise today. Tide sucked.. outgoing as we got in, slack at 8am, and coming back after that. Water clarity getting out was less than a foot.. and it was a copper-colored looking dusty-appearing water. Disgusting.

    Creek.. back to work tomorrow.
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    Water was contaminated runoff before we got out, my finger had a spottie nick and was swollen last night. Only have this issue when it rains so if I know its going to rain I don't go out for a couple days used antibiotics and its finally going down.
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