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    While walking the dogs, an idea came to me regarding the sequence of why fish strike in the first place. My dogs love going for a walk and sniff like crazy because of their amazing sense of smell. But what it comes down to is curiosity. They're not sure what left the scent, but they are excited about the possibilities and sniff and sniff, maybe even digging a little.

    Bass have other amazing senses cued to moving objects whether familiar or unfamiliar. Our lures are unknown quantities in that they don't smell or move like anything that ever lived and breathed, yet they get a fish's attention and hopefully hold it for the amount of time necessary for the next step to take place: curiosity by mouth. In other words, curiosity kills the cat but also catches the fish.

    Fish are too dumb to sense danger with its inability to sense when not to touch something they are totally unfamiliar with, somewhat like a child that puts his hand on a hot object. But the almost hypnotic effect of the rhythmic subtle action of a lure not only hold a fish's attention, but starts the timer regarding its limited amount of patience leading to an involuntary action to take place - the strike, IE curiosity by mouth.

    If there is something about the object (size or action) that causes the fish to lose interest, the first action is the fish eyeballing the object sideways with one eye and then moving away and in fact ignoring it no matter how many casts. But, if the object holds its attention, its head and body position is aimed straight at the object at an angle waiting for just-one-more-movement it dares to make and then BAM! Anger? doubtful, overwhelming curiosity - most likely. In fact once and object does get its goat, the fish may strike the same object over and over on consecutive casts if not hooked, thus patience/curiosity zero/ aggression level at 100.

    I've started watching videos of bass and their reactions to lures, the variety of which cast to the same fish tells the above story regarding the sequence of the strike starting with curiosity. If a fish is caught on a lure and then again a few days later, that says something about its lack of memory regarding certain (dangerous objects) that should be avoided, but also about the lure's qualities that stimulate aggression. Isn't that what lures are: stimulators of aggression?
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