Just a Water Tank, Are You Sure About That?

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    As we have talked about the difficulty in keeping lakes open and viable recreations sites, it is often said "It's Just a Water Tank". I know a lot of us don't accept that, but very many do.

    Before they were lakes and whatever municipality or water entity got the monopoly on the water they were riparian zones that ran through the entire county. Rivers, ponds , and maybe even small natural lakes. The water powers ate these quality or life and recreation and sanity and health providing amenities up over the years, Many of the best public lands previously dedicated to peace and enjoyment were ate up over the years. While obviously, we need impounded water as a society , we need and deserve the replacement that can only happen at the lakes. Never shrink down or feel guilty for demanding quality programs at a fair price or free.

    Our lake in fact do come with many set asides and public rights. I am no expert on public trust doctrine or the constitution. If in trouble , dig a little bit on into this at your specific lake. You may need it.

    By all means, don't beg to jack the prices up just because you can afford it. The next generation might not be able to , a lot of folks from current generations can't, and as their fishing peers, the last thing we should do is cooperate with the powers that be in pushing it further out of people's reach. Please take into consideration that these things can be owed to the public.
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    The Franciscan Friars were desperate for water when they first came to San Diego they decided to make the dam and built a flume that ran down al the way to the mission.

    The padre dam even ran out of water back in 1937.I don’t know about any natural lakes. Most if not all of the ponds along the Otay, Sweetwater and SD river were created by sand mining. Some of the sand mining plants are still open and many are now closed.That pond in Dehesa is a prime example of a former sand mining operation.They needed the sand for building materials back in the early days due to the fact that there is not much usable lumber in our local area due to the rather dry climate.They also had a lack of long haul trailers and interstate commerce back in those days to haul it out to sunny and dry Southern Cali.

    Even all the San Diego city lakes are connected by an Aquaduct system that can transfer water from one lake to another.Very little of the water in those lakes is filled by rain in our area because it all comes from The Colorado river and areas up in NorCal via the Aqueduct. The problem is we have to many dam people in California and they all live in a desert.

    The lakes are still water tanks and it would suck to close them down for sure.Unfortunately theses water company’s exist to supply water so that people can power wash their driveways among other things.....Water conservation would be a step in the right direction in order to keep said lakes open.
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