Keep up the emails to City Council to Open San V and El Cap

Discussion in 'Freshwater' started by dwaynesda, May 18, 2020.

  1. dwaynesda

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    Hey guys, keep the emails going. It is definitely having an impact at city hall and they are hearing us (potential votes in Nov). Preliminary budget cuts are about to be announced and we need to get them to get El Cap and San V open. Great job guys! Keep them going and let your friends no to do the same.
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    Are they listening to us? They opened the lakes that are the most popular with joggers, walkers, and was way down the mayor's list when he was describing opening the 3 lakes! If you built a walking path around San V, El Cap, Sutherland, and Barrett, they probably would of been opened also! Mom's pushing babies around Miramar ranks way higher than me catching bass at San V! I'm not giving up..but fishing is just a thorn in the Mayor's side..and his band of merryless men, and women! The County Supervisors might be our only hope! They actually seem to care and aren't pushing some left wing agenda like the city council!
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