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    As I keep telling those whose say, "it'll get better when the water warms up more". The reality is in the last 6 years with the exception of 1, most of the Yellowtail I've caught were from October to May. I keep thinking maybe in the summer months I should go freshwater bass fishing. But I just prefer the scenery and the wildlife that always there in La Jolla. The last 2 month have been a little frustrating due to lot of bait boiling at times and no love when casting into it with jigs other then some large macs or bonitos. Most trip there are good signs on the FF and bait balls, but the few Yellows I hooked on were lost to poor hook sets using Rapalas with treble hooks that didn't hold up during the fight or me being a little too in a hurry when fighting one in heavy kelp. Finally the action has been improving and last week went out with a new friend and he caught his first in 4 years. Yesterday was finally my turn, this time I followed my own advice on fighting it in the heavy kelp and landed it. Several other kayakers near me also hooked up. I decided early on in the fight that since it wasn't in the 30lb range, I would release it, so I did. First making sure I did not hurt it and got it's picture and video. It feels so good to hear the clicker, braid and drag scream only the way a Yellow can do. La Jolla Catch & Release Yellowtail 8 19 19
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