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Discussion in 'Freshwater Reports' started by gatorfan, Sep 28, 2020.

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    I was beginning to think the stripping apron that VinnyBass gave me for my tube was broken and/or cursed! :emoji_joy: I had three different surgeries on my right hand/wrist (at the same time and I'm right handed) in the middle of July so it's been killing me to not be able to fish the salt or fresh all summer! I'm not supposed to lift anything "heavier than a coffee cup" yet so I had to get creative getting my tube and other goodies down to the waters edge. I launched my tube yesterday 9/27 towards the end of the Harvey arm around 8:00 AM or so and spent the next 3 or 4 hours trying my luck with TR, Senkos, Gunfish, frog, and a few other choices with nary a bite. Just before noon I figured I had better get off the water since I had failed to use the sunscreen that I left in my truck. Right as I was about to get out of the water, I heard a splash. I looked up to see this bass completely airborne and then it landed on top of some dense vegetation. It was so dense that the bass was flopping around like it was on land! Like for 20 or more seconds! It eventually got nose first and wiggled back in the water. One of the craziest things I've seen on the water. So I says to meself, "he must be hungry!" and kicked over towards where he was. I flipped my Senko past a hole in the vegetation about the size of a baseball and then slid it in...:emoji_open_mouth: LoL. Lifted up on the rod tip...nothing. Little jiggle...nothing. Let down on the rod tip and then slowly up again and tap tap tap...BAM! I had my one and only bite and fish of the morning :emoji_grin:. I left the lake with a 1.000 average.

    PXL_20200927_185344771.jpg PXL_20200927_185248529.jpg

    Stay bent!

    Go Padres and Go Gators!
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    Way to go and what a nice bass!!!
    That sure brought a big smile to your face in the pic.
    Thank goodness and what a way to break in the stripping apron!!!!
    Tight lines always my friend!

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