Late Report: 11/03/19 - La Jolla

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    10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    12 Whitefish, 2 Rockfish, 2 Sheepshead

    Took the boat out with the girlfriend, friend, and his dad (who was the most excited about this trip). Planned the day before to just hit the bottom fish around La Jolla, and maybe find some yellowtail. Picked up the boat from the storage at around 9:00 AM, and got on the water around 9:45 AM, left from Ski Beach. Water was nice and calm and cold (64-66 degrees), and didn't take us too long to get to La Jolla, with a good amount of boats doing the same. Got to the fishing grounds at 10:15 AM. Nice and blue water at around 160ft. Bait of choice was shrimp and squid for the three, and I was using a Tady A2 on one setup and 5" swimbait with a 2oz on the other. I was gunna switch to a heavier iron, but unfortunately everything was brought on the boat but MY backpack with my tackle. Kinda bummed but oh well. Found a good ledge or point in the water that held some fish and it was on for the passengers for the most part of the trip. Whitefish after whitefish and they were good sizes. Reset the drift and came across two Sheepshead and two rockfish as well. They were biting every cast on the shrimp and squid. Decided to change spots after a couple of hours and went to around 80ft. The girlfriend caught a calico that was too small. No life really at that depth and the water was green, so headed back out deeper for a little. The afternoon was coming up and so did the wind, so started to make our way back south towards the MB. Hit the MB flats for a little only to find huge bait balls but no fish, other than one whitefish my girlfriend caught. Bunch of bait 100 yards off the jetty. Went back in and called it a day. Everyone was happy, however no fish on the jigs.

    Heard on the radio a boat with engine problems at the islands, hopefully they are okay, coast guard seemed like they were trying to get info, asking questions repeatedly but never getting any answers after a while.
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