For Sale Length Matters! Shimano casting rods for tight places....

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    Whether you're thrashing through poison oak to get to that stepacross creek... or jigging that vacant slip from your tube or kayak...there are times when you don't need a seven foot rod. Classic models. Full cork butt grips, not split grips. Prices lowered since first posted.

    These appear in reverse order in the picture. Figger it out.

    Convergence: 6’0” Specs say 8-17 lb test. Medium action, fast taper lure wt ¼ to 5/8. This rod has 6 guides plus tip. IM-6 graphite.

    This rod has my name engraved on either side of the reel seat. If it bugs you….sand it off. I use it with 6 lb. test, throwing ¼ and 3/8 oz jigs in the creeks. Much easier to get through the brush than a 7 footer. Now 15 bucks...

    Compre: 6’6” 8-17 lb test. Medium action, fast taper lure wt ¼ to ¾ oz. 7 guides plus tip. The specs look similar to the Convergence, but this blank has a stiffer tip, and I use it for 3/8 oz bass jigs. It is marked graphite. And I peeled off that ugly *** foil sticker that's visible in the photo. $20

    Oh, Clarus, I think I’ll miss you most of all.
    6’6” 10-20 lb test. Medium heavy, EXTRA fast action. 9 guides plus tip. Great float tube rod for teabagging the vacant slips, or bouncing a jig downstairs on a riprap bank. Don't let the "extra fast" action designation fool you, the tip is solid. I use it with 8 or 10 lb test, chucking jigs up to ¾ oz, and even Trix Spinbomb spinnerbaits that weigh an ounce or more. $30.

    PM me if interested. shimano baitcaster.jpg
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