Liberty 9/12/19

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    I know I posted this in the other thread but not everyone looks at existing post so, figured I'd post up here as well.

    Fished on the Liberty yesterday(9/11/19). We were on a private charter that was sponsored by one of the companies I do business with.

    Taro, Ryan, Taylor, Garret, Paul and the lady in galley, she makes a mean breakfast burrito are a great captain and crew. They worked hard to get us on fish and considering that the day before they had a really slooooooooow day, we did good. We ended up with 43 yellowfin and 1 skipjack for the trip. The schools would come up and put on a show but it was slim pickings. Our first stop on yielded 1 yellowfin. Then on stop 2-3 is where get got the fish. Our stops would fizzle out when the private boaters would either haul arse in the middle of the drift and/or when the seal would show up!

    Here's what worked for me.... I fished a Phenix PSW 760ML paired with a Calcutta 200D spooled with 40# spectra with 25' of Seaguar 17# fluro tied to a #4 Mustad non-ringed live bait hook. Belly or anal fin hooked baits were the ticket. This is my go to Calico set up but worked great for the yellowfin. I personally hooked 8 and kept 2 for myself and handed off the rest. These fish ranged in size from 15 to 30 lbs. The jackpot fish was estimated at 37 lbs

    Also, make sure you pick the best bait! The bait was 4-6" deans and you want the lite green lively dean. The crew will tell you to make sure you're changing out your bait on the regular.


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