Lindy-type spinner rigs

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    Hey all,

    So I’ve been trying to do my homework for this summer about how to apply the techniques I used in my childhood for the waters in/around SD.

    The particular method I’ve been planning for is to use beaded spinner rigs, similar to the Lindy rigs that I used “up north” for walleye as a kid.

    But the question I have is about saltwater use. I have seen exactly nothing other than a few inline spinners, and have seen/read next to nothing about people using them. Is there a particular reason for this? Salt corrosion? Fish won’t hit them?

    So I made myself a few rigs to try out. (Nylon-coated SS leader, brass & nickel blades/clevises, glass beads, etc.). But as I sit here and stare at them, I’m questioning the spinner blades. What I used as a child were meant for incredibly slow water movement, so I used willow leaf instead, but I wonder if the much stronger currents will kill the movement and just pin the blades back.
    Tight lines,
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