London Has Fallen | Financial Collapse

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    Just stumble into this video. Maybe someone here have friends or relatives in London can verify.

    From Comments:

    I traveled by plane yesterday. The big airports were deserted. No one was buying anything in the shops in duty free that were still open . I felt like crying.
    Covid is the Trojan Horse for the Greatest Depression.
    World Economic Forum @wef Nov 18, 2016 You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy. This is how our world could change by 2030. Read more:
    People don't have the back bone to stand up and everyone can't be bothered untill they are locked up alone screaming for no one to hear them
    Someone said it brilliantly, " the government should focus on what they should be doing instead of telling people what they can and cannot do" because that's all they seem to be doing more and more ridiculous non scientific restrictions.
    When the economic engine stops sooner or later either the food runs out or your ability to buy it does. It could take up to a year but you can bet your life on it.
    Imagine closing the economy for a virus that is 99.7% survivable
    The big difference I notice here as opposed to the USA is that your store windows are still intact.
    Welcome to every British Town and city right now not just London. We been a mess up north since start of July.
    Almost everyday looks like sunday morning. It would be very bliss if it weren't for the implication being the economy is DEAD!
    2020: The year governments worldwide destroyed everything.
    It's scary how the government have destroyed the Britsh economy, "London" BBC has a big part in this closure.
    This year my work ended mid-March, so I toured Europe. Amazed at the eerily empty cities in Germany, an empty Vienna and Prague. Alone in Salzburg on a summer's day. Businesses closed wherever I went. It's a very sad state of affairs - and for what?
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