Mariner's Trifecta....of sorts...

Discussion in 'Float Tubing' started by carpkiller, Aug 11, 2021.

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    Last weekend. Slept late, missed my kinda tide, and the water temp was still recovering from that arctic upwelling...only about 65 degrees.
    Got two calicos, four spotties, and two short halibut. One of the latter was nearly 20 inches long. However, since it bit a Kroc, I did not deign to photograph it.
    Most of the other fish ate ScorcherZ. I also threw spinnerbaits, grubs, and dragged a 4 inch worm through the eelgrass for naught.
    The Brewer Slider head that DMorg showed me gets through the grass very well and works great with a 4 inch worm or whatever small plastic you like. Black nickel hook. upload_2021-8-11_13-41-31.png
    And if you buy an 18-pack, direct from Brewer, pretty reasonably priced. What? 50 bucks gets you free shipping?
    Shooot. I now have a lifetime supply of these....which are basically a pegged bullet weight.
    So much for not buying any more tackle....but on the plus side, the stimmy card balance has zeroed out.
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