For Sale May 8th, 2 tube spots and 1 parking

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    Update: Sold..

    Update: Sale pending 4/14/21 4:20pm

    2 Tube spots and 1 parking for May 8th available. Ticketmaster price for 1 motor boat including fees total $99.
    Selling 1 tube spot and 1 parking for $25. Or both tube spots and parking for $45.
    I will no longer accept payment at Barrett for having been burned a few times in the past.
    Accepting Paypal and Venmo only. After receipt of payment, I will email a copy of the ticketmaster proof of purchase/receipt for May 8th.

    Must meet before the 1st gate off the main road on the morning of May 8th at 5:00 to 5:15 am to go into the lake together so there won't be any issues with lake staff having to figure out reservations or having to add alternate persons to the will call list through ticketmaster. I hate dealing with ticketmaster.

    1st come 1st serve. Reply in PM. I will address each message in the order I receive them. Messages get checked after 5pm everyday if not checked at the time they are received. So don't blow up my messages if I don't reply right away.

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