MB Conditions & FYI on Bait from Seaforth

Discussion in 'Surf, Piers, & Jetties' started by perch killer, Jul 23, 2020.

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    Anyone planning on live bait from Seaforth next 3-5 days forget it. Their tanks were empty this AM; said pump motor went out & is out for repairs. Had been planning on BW's or ghosties as back up in case no sc's around.
    On the sand at SMB at 7 following the -0.8 lo at 6. Low surf, no salad, water felt a little warmer I would guess around mid 60's. No readily visible holes or troughs as far as I could see; flat as a pancake. Baited up some frozen leftover sc's but no interest except perch nibbling off the eggs. No love either on Gulp sandworms. Did not see any visible sc beds, had to dig deep to just find a few & none had eggs but found one soft shell. Got hit immediately for a small bean. With the surf campers flooding the beach that was it & time to call it at 9:15.
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