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    Sunday Morning. Flat tide. Even flatter bite.

    The only consolation was nobody on shore, boats, yaks, SUPS, or hovercraft caught diddly either. I dunno...3.5 to 4 hours on the water, launched just east of the bridge, made it to the bait barge, the mouth of Mariner's Basin, and back. High/lowlights included:
    Watching two urban outdoorsmen with co-occurring disorders (stimulant use disorder and at least one mental health disorder) doing what they do best as they camped near the bridge.
    Harbor seals socializing loudly near the bait receiver.
    Ever-shifting magic breezes that weren't extreme....but just enough to always seem to be pushing the way I didn't want to go.
    That gently zephyr that blew softly from the bait barge for a solid ten minutes, wafting the smell of decaying pelican guano in my face while I was trying to enjoy a sandwich, bobbing around near the lifeguard docs.
    dm3 got a sandy. I had two or three taps that mighta been fish, whilst dragging a grub along the bottom. And something definitely tapped a spoon...once.
    Got a good feel for the distances involved for a future trip from inside Mariner's to the vicinity of the bait barge...in case the tides aren't too extreme next time I'm down there. Back when I had a skiff I made a couple trips around there...but 'til you tube it, you really don't know....
    Happy trails, y'all....
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    Still beats a day at work and you got some exercise in. Thanks for the report.
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