Miramar 7/15

Discussion in 'Freshwater Reports' started by MattL, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Realized recently that despite having fished for bass my entire life, I have next to no range when it comes to techniques. Been trapped in the "throw at shoreline cover" loop forever. Trying to push my comfort zone, learn more, apply what I learn.

    Took the float tube out to Miramar. On the water around 9. Paddled across to the North shore, started at one of those "main lake points" that are supposed to be important during the summer. Tried to find the weed line but had a surprisingly hard time doing so. Recurring theme all day. Was focusing on fishing deeper water because it's something I never do.

    Fished in 10-20 feet of water off the point for a while, no bites. Turned 180 degrees so I was facing out into open water, cast as far as I could, and got a hit right after the bait touched bottom.


    Not a monster but put a huge grin on my face. Always so gratifying when you try something new and it pays off. Thought I might be onto a pattern, but I was not. Fished another four hours or so, no more hits. Tried dropshotting in shallow against the reeds after a while, but still nothing. In fact, I watched a dink express zero interest in my bait. Decided to turn and head in.

    Tied on a deep diving shad crank to troll with on the paddle back. I rarely fish crankbaits, and definitely never at Miramar. Was shocked to actually get a hit, basically 1/3 of the way out into the lake. Had the fish on for a couple seconds and then dropped it.

    Low fish but high rewards today.
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    Way to expand your horizons.
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