Mission bay 7/13

Discussion in 'Bay Fishing' started by Paul Phan, Jul 15, 2019.

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    went our mission bay from 9-12am. Went to the south jetty, then ski beach...did not get a single bite. Skunked. Weather was cloudy and windy. Saw several kayakers; any one you guys here?


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    Very rare to get skunked. In all the years I've been fishing San Diego (since 1993), it's only happened 2 times. Both times were in the big bay. Once was in a boat, but the wind was 30-35 mph, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to stay on the bottom with the boat in drift. I would have anchored and done some cast fishing, but it wasn't my boat.

    The other time was in my infancy of fishing. Pre 911. I used to be in the Navy. I was a Sonar Tech who went to all my schools at ASW base on Harbor/Nimitz. I was already out of the military, and we convinced the guard on watch to let us go fish in the back of the base. Again, pre 911. I was just soaking bait from shore. That usually produced, but not on this day. It was actually a night session. I stayed from 9pm to 2am with NADA!

    So only 2 out of hundreds of fishing trips resulted in a skunk. Not too bad.So fortunately, those days are rare. Especially if you have some sort of vessel to get you out onto the water to cover more geography than you can normally cover from shore.
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