Mission Point 9/25

Discussion in 'Float Tubing' started by Creek, Sep 25, 2019.

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    Just a quick report from Mission Point today. Fly fishing from float tubes with CaptWoody. Arrived 630am.. in the water by 645am. Was this close to turning around and going home though.. the weather was for shyt. The overcast sky was great, but the wind picking up from the south sucked royal. Winds from Mexico totally ruin fishing for some reason. Water temp was 70 in the basin and 66 at the famous corner. Took a smallish Calico at some point on the way out, but that was it. Woody nabbed a Sand bass double - which was unusual. Glad he did it though. I've never taken a Sandie double so I guess I'll have to work on it.

    Headed for the famous corner - the one that has always produced during the summer for the last few years. But for some reason, it 'aint producing this year -at least, not for me and my fly rod. Turned around and headed back into the moored boats in hopes that things would improve.

    Once there, we started taking fish. I took a few better Spotties right away. Also got smacked by a lost Mackerel. Then my Sand Bass came along. Headed back south along the boats closest to the sand and took a boatload of hits with no real love to show for them. Had some good line taken for maybe five seconds by something nice, but he jumped ship.

    Not sure what Woody's count was. Mine was twelve only over three hours in the water. Not bothering with pics because we've all seen enough small ones for two lifetimes.
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    4 Sand bass:emoji_sob::emoji_sob: but at least a double
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