For Sale never worn Neoprene stockingfoot waders XL $25

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    Glacier Glove makes damn fine, affordably priced gloves for cold weather, and at one point they ventured into the wader business.

    They made good products, but had no idea that fishermen just....won' unless it's one of the fashionable brands, known for making a specific product. Or maybe people were just confused about buying waders that said "glove" on the chest. Kinda like my motocross pants that were a great deal because "Pro Grip" was spelled out across the butt.... . ...but I digress.

    These waders have some small creases in the material (see the pics) They have never been worn and came from a garage full of stuff that was sold off when a drug dealer went to the big house for a few years. He had a habit of getting coked-up and buying stuff and not using it....or only using it once.

    Interested? Here's the deal.

    Each person gets one week from the time they PM me to close the deal, which involves picking 'em up at my house, which is near Mission Gorge and Big Rock Road in Santee.
    After a week, I'll move on to the next person who responds. Sorry, but I kinda need the cash sooner than later.



    toe grab.jpg
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