New baits are fun to use, adding just one more to the gazillion

Discussion in 'Panfish' started by spoonminnow, May 25, 2018.

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    Remember when the Senko first came out and we all just had to try and catch bass wacky rigging it? Well I thought smaller both in target species and bait size.


    After pouring the small stick in the photo, normally I would have rigged it the usual way with a 1/32 oz jig head at the front, which I know catches most species. But I thought maybe the quiver tips ala the Senko might generate a few strikes. First time tried, even small bluegills hooked themselves dead center on the bait making them look like they had a handlebar mustache! Bass, crappie and pickerel also hit the lure (the last one cutting the line).

    Again, there are more soft plastic lures that catch fish than imaginable, such as the cone tail pictured below, but it just adds to the mystery of what works great and that not so great.

    Almost looks like a small Senko tail attached to a Senko front piece - and you'd be correct. But I've found this to be a universal fish lure design that catches everything when rigged on light jigheads. Fish just can't stay away from the quiver, which the top lure's tips demonstrates on the vertical drop.

    Man that Gary Y was a smart fella!
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