New setup with the mast buoys

Discussion in 'Lobster Fishing' started by Robdog, Oct 6, 2019.

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    A while back I posted a question RE: mast buoys. Finally got the setup dialed in and wanted to share it with you guys.

    First: I chose 2 different length wands, my deep lines (100’) are the 96” wands, shallower are 76” (75’ line) and shallowest are 45’ line on the PVC homemade wands (rammed the PVC thru the buoy and weighted the lower end). This makes it easy to ID which line is which for setting. All are interchangeable via carabiners if we want to set all shallow or all deep.

    Second: each net has a carabiner attached to the bridle. I prefer carabiners rather than bowlines so it’s not line on line and rubbing. It also makes it easy to swap out lengths for shallow or deep setting.

    Third: I added weights to the tag end of each line. Being that the hole the line runs thru is about 1 1/2 feet below water level, the line has never been on the surface, even in a ripping current, and it stays straight up and down with the weight, so we don’t have to worry about wrapping it.

    Fourth: I added 5lb barbell weights to each of the nets. This keeps them from dragging or hopping along the bottom in wind or current.

    Fifth: the small buoys (homemade ones) are for the 4 collapsible Danielson nets. Easy way to tell if it’s a rigid or collapsible we’re pulling.

    Sixth: I cut a piece of PVC and used some old cloth, sharpied my/friends GOID numbers on the cloth, and coated everything in reflective tape. Works awesome.

    The buoys stay upright in wind and seas, it makes it so much easier to just drive up and grab them than jabbing blindly with the gaff/boathook. I can hoop by myself now on my 17 Whaler, or take one or 2 friends on the 50’ big boat instead of having to rely on finding 3 or 4 other people. It also makes it easy to spot them from a distance, and in higher traffic areas, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be run over vs the small buoys that are lit at water level. Just wanted to share with you all, good luck this season, feel free to hit me with any questions.








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    Cool. What does it look like in the water? Any pics?
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