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Discussion in 'Float Tubing' started by carpkiller, Mar 30, 2021.

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    Took the too-good-a-deal-to-pass-up Caddis Pro 2000 out Saturday.
    Rides nice, higher and drier than the Nevada Gold.
    Storage pockets just not big enough to hold all my crap. Admittedly, I bring along a lot of stuff.....amazoned a strap on bag that should solve that issue and a dry bag for behind the seat.
    And about that rod rack behind the seat...
    but solutions are easy.
    I think...thanks to a pod of spotties right at the end of the day, I finally nearly almost matched Denny on the fish count, with 25 spotties, and a dink sand bass.
    And I finally gave up on making some of my existing weedless leadheads work. Too cheap to buy that model D likes but had decent luck pulling a c-rigged 4 inch worm through the a few spotties that way, as well as a splashy corbina that I lost at the boat (showing off...).
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