Places to fish w/no licence

Discussion in 'Freshwater' started by NC_pondhpr, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Still good for a laugh!
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    Here's a fun link, in case someone thinks printing up a random-to-the-point-of-nonexistence blog post gives them the right to fish without a license.

    Can I fish for free to feed my family?

    and here's a great post by some tinfoil-hatter PROVING absolutely that you don't need a license.

    You do not need a license to fish in California, It is your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    Of course, the guy's tinfoil hat slipped down over his eyes, or maybe he got busy playing peek-a-boo with bigfoot and didn't read the last section OF WHAT HE FREAKIN' POSTED.

    ".....provided, that the legislature may by statute, provide for the season when and the conditions under which the different species of fish may be taken. [New section adopted November 8, 1910.]"

    Further, the precedents he cited, claiming the US Supreme Court had ruled on this.....
    Uh, one of his cited cases was regarding whether Jehovah's Witnesses could go door to door, and court's support of that activity was based on a doctrine of religious freedom.

    The other case involved a civil rights march organizer being convicted of holding a parade without a permit in Birmingham, Alabama. "Court reversed Shuttlesworth's conviction because the circumstances indicated that the parade permit was denied not to control traffic, but to censor ideas," as per Wikipedia. AS far as I can discern, SCOTUS did NOT strike down the section of Birmingham's General Code, only the application of that law to deny a guy a permit because of his race. There were more issues of "preservation of the peace" and "prior restraint" in the appellate cases.

    So. Get yourself ordained by the Universal Life Church. Found a religion based on catching fish. Carry your preacher's card in lieu of a fishing license. And if a game warden cites you, you can bring several members of your congregation to your hearing, and show a video of them a singin' and a clappin' some fish-related hymns. That'll be much better than just buying a fishing license. And you might even win.

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once. and I took one semester of Business Law to satisfy an elective requirement at the community college back in 1980. And I got a "B," *****es. So you should listen to me. Or....

    Google "do I need a license to fish in California." Scroll through the responses, and you will find several actual practicing attorneys who weigh in, saying...yes, you do need a license.

    I have beaten this zombie horse to death....let's see whether it stays dead for another seven years.

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