Point Loma 2/21/21

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    Late report. Got asked to work on Sunday night and come back Monday morning. Didn't have time to write up this short report till now.

    One of my coworkers has been bugging me to take him out fishing. Told him to tag along on Sunday morning. His sons 8th birthday was on Friday, so he came too. It was both their first time on a boat. His dad had to tell him we were fishing off the pier. Kid was a little scared to get on a boat.I was a little worried about the kid getting seasick. He never did.
    We showed up at 8am to check in. Weather was nice and sunny with a small breeze. Super clear beautiful day but the water temperature was still a couple degrees below 60 Fahrenheit.
    Boat set out to get a little bit more bait and then chugged along to IB. We set up at the first spot with the rest of the half day boats. Was a very slow start but the crew kept the chum line going. Couple nice sculpins were pulled up on sliding sinker or reverse dropper loop with squid and chucked sardine. Eventually a few sand bass started to get pulled up on the same rigs. Couple people picked away at the fish this way. Kid was able to pick up a couple bites and reel up a couple short sculpin.
    The crew was great and very helpful guiding my buddy and his son. Which let me fish, loved that they shooed me away when I was helping my friend with a blow up on his reel.
    Crew handed off a couple sand bass bites to the kid but he did all the winding. We move around a little bit in the same area and reset the anchor. Near the end more fish started to pop up, and Captain Chad keep us there for some overtime. However we had to eventually head back. I bought a delicious patty melt and the kid his birthday cheeseburger. He said it was better than McDonald's.
    I wasn't able to hook up with any keepers but had a great time. What made the trip for me was friend's son asking us when we could get back on the boat. My buddy also caught some sculpins and had a great time. He was very glad to have this first time experience with his son on such a nice day and friendly boat.
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    Very cool Noms ! Great report man. That 8 year old will be telling all his friends what a great time he had. Going from being afraid to get on a boat, to asking when he can get back on the boat. Haa.. that’s what it’s all about right there. That crew knew what they were doing by handing off hooked fish. The boy is hooked..
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