Pt-2 Shimano Curado Rod review.

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    Here is Part 2

    I pay extremely close attention to the reel seat when thinking about a fishing rod. I do not want to have my fingers feeling trapped under it. I have seen reel seats where no matter how you try fit your fingers under the reel you just feel cramped. And this has been my experience on some very expensive rods as well. My hands and fingers are thicker than what some might call “Normal” I need the space under the reel for sure.

    There is ample room for your fingers under this reel seat. It’s truly comfortable for all day fishing.

    Let’s take a look at the back of the reel seat and how it transitions as well. There is a slight bump out where the back of the reel sits. At first without a reel on it I thought maybe this could be an issue.

    Once I installed a reel, I soon realized it enhances the ability to fully grip the reel without being in the way of your fingers. With my Tranx-200 installed it felt very nice. Being that the Tranx and Curdao-K have the same body shape, both will be perfect for this rod.

    Chron-MGL: upload_2020-3-18_9-46-19.png upload_2020-3-18_9-46-30.png

    I did not stop there. I also installed a Chronarch MGL and Met-MGL and both were just as comfortable. The Chron-MGL is a slightly wider reel as the Met-MGL is a slightly narrower reel and both felt clean on both of these rods.

    On the 7’6 Med/Hvy rod I also added the Tranx-300 and it seems to be a perfect match for the rod length and overall weight once paired together. This 7’6 rod is a beast of a rod.

    It should make for a great swim bait rod for medium to smaller S-wave style baits.

    For me I’m giving a huge kudos to the designer at Fuji of this reel seat. The comfort level and ability to have various hand positions while fishing is very nice. We have to hold our rods all day. Comfort matters greatly. This is an excellent reel seat in my view.


    AAA Cork: Who does not love cork handles. I happen to love a cork handle. The handle on both the 7’2 and 7’6 casting rods felt very nice. They are full cork handles and not split grip.

    The handle is 1 inch longer at 11in on the 7’6 rod and bodes well for swim bait fishing. The 7’2 is a 10in handle. It sits very nicely under the forearm. Yet both feel amazing.

    I am a double fore-handed caster. I need the rods handle length to be right or it feels uncomfortable to cast. Both of the handles worked very well. They both also fit nicely under my forearm while fishing.


    I my view there is so much to think about when making a rod purchase. I feel much of what I just explained goes subconsciously unnoticed by some anglers. Many just look at rod power and taper and length. However, as you just read there is so much more to it.

    What does it matter if the rod has the power rating and taper you want if it fishes uncomfortably?

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