Report Wednesday 6/15/16

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    Everyone had me worried with the reports posted. Hit it this past Wednesday and had an awesome time. 3 of us in the boat trading off with 2 tubes. First car in line at 4:05am. Not many people that day, only half the boats were out.

    70 bass for the three of us and 1 bluegill. Now that's not a stellar day at the B but considering what ive read lately here it was better than I expected. Did see quite a few zombie bass throughout the day. I left the lake very'll understand why after reading the days details.

    SO the morning bite was non existent for us. I hadn't been to Barret for 4 years and was a bit out of sorts with the water level being so low. I think I just picked bad spots to start with. We tried shallow areas with cover and got nothing. All 3 of us are experienced and made sure nobody was repeating lures so we could find the pattern. Zip! It was cold, foggy and a bit windy. After 2 hours with no luck I started to think what everyone was saying was true. Strangely things turned on a bit later, never had that happen before at the B.

    Around 10am got the first hook up and another to follow quickly after. Moved spots and the boat started picking them off at a slow pace. By about 1pm we had around 10 fish. All decent size 1.5-3#'s. I flipped about a 5.5#er which blew.

    We decided to stay for the long hall and so glad we did. All the action was coming from areas along shore with steep drops. About 5-15 feet down. White was working. Thanks for whomever posted that before because I never carry white senkos and one on our boat read the post and came prepared.

    Things kept steady but it went nuts around 5. Closer to the dam side of the lake. Boils a plenty and they were hitting everything! Whacky senkos were best but I had hits on fluke, minnows, poppers, shad rapala, free line senkos, zipper worms, and spooks. It was so much fun and for about 40 minutes it was ridiculous. We stayed till last train and almost all of my fish came at the evening bite.

    Hope this helps out. I'll be back t the lake soon.
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    el cajon
    Nice job. High expectations are a killer
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