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    My buddy Brian and I hit Barrett today for the morning session.
    We were on the water early and started around the corner in Hauser. Top water bite was poor. A couple of blow ups, one on the Rico, no frog love, not much going on up top. We kept moving deeper into the arm and caught a handful on chatters, blades, jerk baits.
    Ended up toward the end and did ok in breaking fish on the lipless crank.
    That died around 9 so we worked our way out pounding the shore with senkos, trig, dshot. No real pattern. Finished up mid day in the main lake on points fishing deep with the black blue jig for zip. Wind was already up.
    Back at the dock before 1 with 25-30 between us. Nothing giant, decent action but always trading rigs with nothing really standing out.
    I’m done till the closer. To many BFT to be chased, Barrett was ok, kind of frustrating with no real patterns.
    Pic of Brian with a better one.

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    Still sounds like a blast but I hear you on the offshore status.. they are beginning to really play now.
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