Saturday the 10th

Discussion in 'Barrett Reports' started by pistolpete, May 11, 2008.

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    Started the day out in Hauser throwing Chartreuse Spinnerbaits. Nothing for the first hour or so (unusual) so then we moved over to the bay over by the island. I started throwing green senkos and my buddy kept at it with the spinnerbait. As soon as we got there, fish on, and my buddy pulls in a nice chunky bellied 3lber on the spinner bait. I got slammed real hard a few minutes later but it was a tail biter. Ripped the end of my senko right off. Switched over to drop shot and pulled in a dink and decided to head off into the pine arm after a slow first couple of hours as pine arm is the place where i've traditionally had better luck.

    As soon as we get into pine arm, the fishing really picked up for the first hour or so. I probably pulled in about 7 bass or so in about 10 casts on a t-rigged purple roboworm. Nothing big however, most were about a lb. and all were in about 10 - 15ft. of water. I couldn't buy a bite on anything right on the shoreline. These bass just weren't taking anything up close for me. Bite died and we tried a couple other spots in pine for 1 more fish. Decided to head back over to Hauser and try fishing a little deeper in the arm. Started fishing around the rocks located off the shoreline, t-rigging different colored worms and nailed my first fish within about 10 mins of being there, about 2lbs.

    Decided to drift across a cove in hauser to try and locate some bass and bam, me and my buddy are on a double hookup in about 15ft. of water, both on t-rigged purple worms. Tried to stay on the spot and nothing else offered at us so we continued the drift where we got into about a half dozen more.

    My buddy had a previous committment so we headed back to the dock for some fishing while we waited for the 2pm train out. We caught a couple more in deeper water again and then called it a day.

    I ended with 15 and my fishing partners ended with 7 and 4 respectively. We wasted a lot of time out there on spots that weren't producing and it took us a while to find a pattern that worked for us but we had a great day nonetheless. Weather was beautiful and the wind never really got to bad.

    Never got bit on anything close to the shoreline. All fish were caught in about 10ft. of water. The purple worms seemed to get hit the most and the fish seemed to like it presented slow and twitched in place on the bottom.
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    Thank you for the report. Looks like you found your fish all over and in different depths and on different baits. That's the way to do it. We got lucky on the opener and hit a hot stretch of shoreline. That's what boosted our numbers in a hurry. Good Work!

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