Seaweed Soup.......revisited

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    Good friend of my plumber, Steve Plein, this rod is a United Composites US 80H for first time customer, Marc Davis. Steve brought Marc over who already had a rod he bought some time back at Fisherman's Landing Tackle........and was curious if I could match it. He had no idea that it was my work that he already owned! LOL

    The original rod was a Calstar 875H that I did my first improvisation of combining marbling with a spiral wrap that incorporated Olive Branching in a butt wrap back in February of 2011. Gave it the crazy name "Seaweed Soup". It ended up spawning an endless variety of variations by myself and numerous other rod builders out there.

    This new rod features all Batson Alps components. Chrome XLN Alps guides, centra lock seat, EPDM hypalon grips with smooth shrink, and an Alps rubber gimbal.

    Marc Davis  US80H 003.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 005.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 008.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 017.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 020.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 021.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 031.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 032.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 039.JPG Marc Davis  US80H 042.JPG
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