For Sale Shakespeare 6ft. 6inch baitcast rod, Zebco 33 combo new with tags

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    Okay. I scooped up a zebco pushbutton in case a friend ever needed an outfit for a newby or a kid. But all my friends' it turns out....have already move on to spinning or baitcast gear.
    $30 dollar combo, yours for 15 bucks. BTW, the new 33 is waaay better than the one I had back in the day. The drag actually works, and you can switch the handle to the side most comfortable for your newbie. brand new, comes spooled with line. Here be the specs:

    Also, one of the Shakespeare Excursion 6 and a half foot baitcast rod, medium-heavy. White blank, blue wraps, cork handle. I bought three when they marked 'em down. I use 'em for creek fishing and float tube fishing...but I don't need three of em. Nice rod for the price ($20 in the store). This one is new with tags...Yours for $10.
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