So it’s not like YouTube. Carlsbad lagoon & surf fishing

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    We always complain about instagrammers, YouTube “stars” and “influencers” portraying a fake life but I think we just fell for it.

    We decided to fish after watching countless hours of YouTube videos with dudes fishing. Fish here fish there “fish on the line!” So many fish fish fish. It looked like a boat load of fun. Not having a boat, it seemed like we could find some fun in the surf and lagoon.

    Well, 5 days out and 16+ hours later NOT EVEN A NIBBLE!!!

    But I’ve thrown $20+ worth of crap into the water.

    I’m starting to think this is all a hoax and just a huge scam there are no fish in the sea!!!

    So we’re using number 2 and 4 bait hooks, tried some minnow lure I saw some guy using and catching fish after fish in the surf, lost that (I’ve learned a better knot since) this white wiggly little plastic grubs, octopus, shrimps, the red shrimp things, tried 4 different halibut lure kit things with bait - tangled mess. Using a 1/4 oz with a cute little shad pre hooked thing that looks so real an egret wanted to eat it, tried 1oz Carolina rig in the surf it goes on.

    Fishing in the lagoon next to pch high tide and low tide, surf fished terra mar Saturday from 5:30am till like 9:30 in rising tide and today we went out from 1-4pm with the tide dropping to.01 at the lagoon.

    So... are there even fish out there?
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