Spanish with Woody 10/28

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    A day late and dollar short. Sorry for posting this 24 hrs past being there. Just had too much going on, and too much to think about.

    Met Woody at our "go to" venue (Spanish) yesterday morning for a few hours of we weren't sure what. I thought the tide was going to be coming in nicely when we got there, but seems it was nearing the top. Like I said above, I had too much to think about. But I knew I wanted/needed to fish one of my days off, and yesterday was it.


    Water temp 66, clarity of maybe 5' or so. Outside weather was really nice, although I thought it was crisp enough to wear a fleece vest over my long-sleeve shirt - and glad I did. Getting older, I'm finding myself feeling the cold much more than I used to.


    Went westbound toward the bridges. Both Woody and I took a few along the length of the rocks in an average or 12' of water. Once at the bridge both our sonars started lighting up like Christmas trees with underwater activity. I'm betting under the bridge I easily saw 40 pings at various depths, but didn't connect to even one of them. Woody took a couple, but that was it. He also reported high sonar activity against the wall he had been dredging.


    Turned around and headed back for the sand area because that's the place where we always seem to improve our numbers when our numbers are low. Up until that point, my number was 5.. and we were already 2 hours into the session - with 4 hrs paid on parking.


    Once back in the general area of the sand, we started taking more fish. Always makes me think, if its a numbers thing, why dont I just stay around the sand and not kill myself kicking all over town to try and find the fish? Stupid. Anyway, the sand out in front of the beach is certainly where most of the Spanish activity is at - at least, you can pretty much depend on that area to give them up more consistently than other areas.


    Called it quits at about the 3 hr 20 min mark. Woody ended up with 18 and I took 20 - 2 Crack Mackerel and the rest Spots. I think Woody's fish were all Spots. So thats it. Nice morning on the water. Weird fishing, but you just cant beat the weather. Like Woody was mentioning to me.. "Can you believe people pay several thousand dollars just to come out here for vacations and we get it all the time for free?" And he's right.. I'm not sure about the free part, but having it within 15 mins reach every day certainly does have its positives.
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