Sports boat out of Oceanside 10/12/19 Blue Horizon

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    Book a Last minute trip for my son and Myself to get some Tuna fishing in before he leaves for his Duty base in Fairbanks Ak.

    First thing is I wanted to spend time with my son and we both like to fish and be outdoors so this fit the ticket. Got on board 530am and left 6am. headed South around Downtown SD. I would guess 4-6 miles out maybe. We saw baby Orca's and a butt load of Dolphins everywhere we turned. finally found some fish and chased them down First stop, 2 hookups and one fish decided to want to come home with the boat. as fast as we got on the fish they would dive and pop up 100 plus yards any direction from us, found them again and boom one more aboard and they dive and show up again 100 plus yards away. this time the gentleman fighting his fish took a while to get him in for good reason it was a pig 30+ lbs some where guessing in the 40's. lost the school after that. We Trolled Nothing, Surface Irons nothing Coltsnipers nothing Like bait Line did not matter both Guys that caught a fish used 1/0 and 30lb line.

    Not a lot of kelp found a few sections but no one was home.

    All in All it was a good day, No fish for us but Memories

    The Crew was helpful and the Captian would not give up.
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