Stone Steps & Beans

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  1. Chazzman

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    Jul 17, 2018
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    Fished Stone Steps North at sunset. Amazing sunset, lots of sand crabs, and 3 beans (on a c rig). Kept 2 for fish tacos tomorrow. I’m always afraid to take my camera so no pics. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good phone case that’s easy to lug around and keep it dry?
  2. Lipripper

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    Jul 16, 2015
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    lifeproof by otterbox. I use one and have dropped it in the water a few times. That being said when im not using it, it stays in a Ziploc bag in my backpack.
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  3. ror_sal

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    I believe my iPhone is “waterproof”. I wouldnt want to drop it in the water but wet hands haven’t been an issue. I dropped my old one in the drink, off the skiff, about three years ago, 80’ of water. It stayed on for over 24 hours... I’ve completely rinsed this one off under water a few times with soap... still no issues.
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    Jun 30, 2018
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    San Marcos
    Dukpouch by dukgear works really well. Touchscreen works through the plastic as well. My son has even taken his underwater for snorkeling and it stayed dry as a bone. Disclaimer: he is sponsored by dukgear, but their product is solid. I can get a discount code for anybody interested, just PM me.
    Funny story. My iphone 7 fell out of my shirt pocket once while surf fishing and totally got rolled in the waves at the shore. Took me three waves to find it and grab it. Worked perfectly after (I put it in a bag of rice overnight, just to be safe), so they are pretty darn water resistant.
    PSA: If you get a "waterproof phone" wet, towel it dry, maybe do the rice thing, or just leave it out somewhere warm for a while. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT blow into the ports or around the buttons. This will blow water droplets into the phone and likely brick the thing. Ask me how I know this...
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