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Strange Interactions While Fishing

Discussion in 'Bay fishing' started by mattgulptosser, May 12, 2017.

  1. Agiambre

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    Apr 30, 2014
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    Poway Area
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    WOW! After reading all of these my story does not amount. but i think still worth the share. Two separate occasions at blacks beach. First time I was out early morning pre-sunrise and had bait in the water for a good 30 minutes. The sun was just barely coloring the sky when i was greeted by an old man wearing his birthday suit in all it's wrinkly splendor. Unfortunate for me I was sitting on the ground next to my pole staked to the ground. I stood up quickly as he proceeded to talk to me about the pole, what I was fishing for etc. The worst part was that it was a long soak and i was not about to real in my line so i stood there listening to this guy talk for another 20 minutes.
    Same spot different day was a skunk day for me. Friend of mine pulled in one of the largest croakers I had ever seen. Since it was still early in our day I went to fill up my "live well" while he unhooked. A bald (shaved head but definitely not chemo) naked lady came up and grabbed the fish and carried it out into the surf while he was re baiting his line. By the time both of us had realized what happened, I was close enough to her to get it back before she released it.
    She started yelling about animal rights and what not we ignored her. Eventually the life guard had to come and drive her back up the cliff. I think she was drunk as hell and it was only noon.
    since then I will not fish Blacks on a weekend or holiday.
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