Sunny, Crowded and lil bit fishy

Discussion in 'Freshwater' started by Tony Vegas, Apr 9, 2021.

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    Tony Vegas
    Great day out on the water for me. Got in back to back sessions today @ El Cap and yesterday @ the river. Got there and saw a big Wild West Bass Trail trailer in the lot and a full lot as I pulled up. Crowded day its going to be. There was practice going for Boats and Yaks for tournaments tomorrow, so if you are thinking about El Cap tomorrow FYI. No big numbers again only a couple fish. One on the underspin and one on a weedless swimmer on a screw lock hook. Fish are chasing bait and making em flutter at the surface. I got the underspin fish throwing at those flutters and managed a nice one after I had already hooked up on him and lost him. Let a few fly because up until then this was the only bite. and I had been throwing the kitchen sink at em. Wasn't anything to even bat an eye at but it got the stripe off the back. As the wind picked up I drifted shorelines back towards the dock with the underspin trying to spot those flickers but the ones I came across couldn't I fool anybody. When I got back towards the dock I decided to tie on the weedless swimmer and toss in to all that submerged brush near the ramp. I know that in other parts of the country when fish are chasing bait near the surface its a good way target them up in the junk, or if they are hitting top water. I threw on a bright white swimmer and on the first cast got my second bass for the day. It was really cool because I watched him come right up and nail it! Clear as day, head shakes and all. Even went airborne couple times. Not a big one by any means but a fish none the less. I haven't used this tactic before and to tie it on and get one right off the bat well you can say that I'll make sure to keep that rig in mind. To the tourney guys I hope you get em tomorrow. Tight lines and hopefully everybody can get out there sooner rather than later!!!
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    Nice job Tony! Glad you are out on the water having fun catching bass!
    Thanks for the report. :)
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