the top five MUST WATCH moments from the debate!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by barepixels, Oct 1, 2020.

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    I linked the proof that he condemned it in 2017 and it looks like YouTube has deleted it... why does that not surprise me, I'll try again: Defeat their lies about calling white supremacist "very fine people" with the truth!
    Rod281 Type in Antifa dot com into your web browser and watch it re-direct you to the main funding page for the Biden campaign.
    I watched the debate from start to finish and i have to say that Chris Wallace is a disgrace to the Fourth Estate. Seventy six times he interrupted President Trump and just 17 times did he interupt Quid-Pro-Joe. President Trump was debating two people at once.
    I saw my beloved President having to defend his stellar record of proven accomplishments from a two headed snake, Wallace & Biden.
    That really burned me up. He has done far more than any President in my lifetime. I loved Reagan but it was a different time. Reagan couldn't be elected today. But yeah, being name-called by a cheap, back bencher, loser with zero accomplishment in his entire life was infuriating.
    Biden flip-flops on previously proposed Democrat policies:
    * Socialist medicine
    * The Green New Deal
    * Defunding the police

    Biden failed to condemn:
    * Leftist BLM RIOTS and violence.
    * Antifa - Joe couldn't even admit that they are organized.
    * Son Hunter who took millions of dollars from China, Ukraine and Russia, in exchange for political favors while dad was VP of the U.S.
    * Packing of Supreme Court, which Democrats have already threatened to do.
    Then Biden claims he never called troops "stupid *******s" while even his campaign admits that he did!
    Biden: “You have to elect me to find out what I’m all about.”
    Pelosi: “You have to pass the ACA (ObamaCare) to find out what’s in it.”
    Every time Biden was getting destroyed, Wallace would step in and save him.
    the best moment was when he said he had done more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years. That was epic
    What have you done to curb the violence in these democratic cities?
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    It was still the worst example of a debate I've ever seen.. but the comments you pulled and added from viewers I agree with 100%.. I was waiting for Joe to point to Wallace and say, "Come on man, can you answer that one for me?"

    Doesn't matter. I think everyone knew the design of this thing once Chris Wallace was announced as moderator. Polar opposite would have been Tucker Carlson or Hannity. Clown Show 2020 continues !
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