Thinking Top Water part III

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    Boat position see the breakers starting, now what.. Well you can haul over there right on top of them and then what? That stops them from coming up any longer and you killed the bite for you and everyone around you. That is something that happens quite a bit in SD. It happens a lot! I see it mostly from frustration of not being able to get to them. That only leads to more frustration.

    Or try this technique... you get there quickly and stay back off of them and cast into them and get their attention with your lure first. I call it a preemptive strike...get them thinking about your lure and not the boat.

    This is where the other rods matter... The guy who has a rod he can only cast 10 to 15 yards past the front of his boat is going to possibly kill the bite from needing to be right on top of them instead of allowing them to come to him from catching one from a normal distance. Many times from getting one to hit from that normal distance brings other fish over to you without going to get them. Many will follow the fish getting pulled away and your buddy in the boat now has a chance to get one or now they are close and the short range rods can work for you now and you did not spook the school.

    Another technique is trying to cut them off with and angle however still not getting on top of them. This is a tough thing as everyone is so mesmerized by breaking fish they feel they need to be right on top of them... Or they feel someone will just chop in front of them so they do it.

    Never pay attention to other boats less being courteous and not chopping off others. Pay attention to the fish and what they are doing and you will get more fish without fail.

    Attention to detail

    Another big one... Turn off your side finders and down scanners. You are fishing breaking fish and know exactly where they are. The beeping and pinging of everyones graphs makes the bait fish bail and then the bass follow or they know something is wrong stop and hitting until it calms down on the surface. Yes, we all like our Boat Tv's and they play a huge role in our fishing, just not this time.

    When you see other guys leaving.... Good, let them go...don't follow them. Less boat traffic means they might come back up again. Be the last man helps sometimes. It has happened more than I can explain it.

    Cast behind a boat that just left the area as their wake and prop wash just churned up the water and bait fish... How many times have you seen a fish blow up in the wake just after a boat left or after a boat that just past by. It happens a ton so be ready for it when you are able to.

    Pay attention to your own prop wash from the trolling motor.. How many times have we seen them come up right where we just were? Have your partner slow troll the soft bait as you are moving with the trolling motor. It works....or toss the spoon way behind you or spy bait and work it as the guy in front is moving the boat. It works!! We have landed so many using that technique.

    The biggest of them all is the fishermen.

    Understand we are all out there trying to catch a fish on our tiny lakes and major schools of breaking fish are not a single persons school of fish. Open water breakers are not anyone single persons fish. Now, this does not mean get on top of someone who was out there alone and found a school, doing that is just a rude move. A cast away at that point does mean a long cast away. And heading them off so you can cast in front of them...thats just plain wrong.

    When there are 10-15 boats or more and you are one of them, they are not just your fish. You are just part of the situation happening around you, you are not the situation.

    The fish move in and out and one second you are in perfect position and then they move and the next guy has them...

    Being nice goes a long way. Everyone knows how to share, we all learned it in grade school. When we are in a mass of boats fishing top water don't cast on top of someone casting. If you were late on the cast, you were late. Don't ruin it for that person. You just need to get quicker. A good thing is too wait until they have had a chance to work the bait for a second and then its your turn and so on and so on. Our lakes are small and having 20 boats doing the dance around the fish that are breaking is a fun thing to do. When everyone is being nice we all catch fish.

    So this top water season that is coming very soon "we hope".... use a couple of these ideas mentioned and you will increase your catch to cast ratio. And that is what we all want to do

    Thanks and go get some top water fish!

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