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    So it turns out those oyster shells on the rocks have sharp edges. 180630 Heel. don't walk on oysters.jpg sliced through the callous on my heel...wearing the open heel churchill fins. Next trip, an oyster sliced the nylon fabric of my tube! The bladder was okay...but a little blister of the vinyl was poking out through the 3/4 inch cut in the nylon...begging to be abraded or punctured.
    I will patch and stitch it. Eventually.
    For now I made a boot by cutting a circle out of a flexible plastic lid from a tub of sour cream.
    Deflated the bladder enough to reach thru the zipper and slide the boot between the nylon and the bladder.
    Pumped it back up. The air pressure holds the boot in place. The vinyl' s not bulging out through the slit in the fabric. And even if a stick pokes into the cut...the plastic will keep it from poking a hole in the bladder.
    Oh yeah. I carry a bit of rope on the tube and carabiners too. At one brushy launch spot we left the rope tied to a tree....helped us scramble up the muddy bank. Trying to hold the tube in place on a jetty while you take off your fins? Tie a carabiner on the end and toss the rope up into the rocks...and pull til the 'biner jams in the rocks.
    Check the dollar stores for carabiners. Two or three for a dollar instead of a buck each.
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