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    Took some much needed time off from work. Vaca started on the 8th and ended today.
    I fished everyday except Thurs, Sat, and today. Lost today because the dog tore his ACL. Wind was a issue early in the week. Made it difficult to maintain a good drift position. Each session lasted about 3 hours. Here are the results:
    Sun- 6 spotties on a root beer grub (MB)
    Mon- 8 spotties on 3” slugs dark colors (MB)
    Tues- 7 spotties on AA shrimp tail ghost shrimp color (MB)
    Weds- 9 spotties and a Mack on jigpara spins and brown fat Albert grub (SDB)
    Fri- 15 spotties and 6 sand bass on HUB, jigpara spins and blades, slugs (SDB)
    Best thing I got was on the last day of work. Only porn shot I have. Thanks Boss!

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