Was I wearing my "caveat emdork" tee shirt that day?

Discussion in 'Rod Building & Repair' started by carpkiller, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Here's the deal.
    wandering around Day at the Docks a few years back, pawing through the piles of sale rods and blem blanks. Found a 2 piece, very heavy blank (like 8' 9" long) and a feeble little glowstick went off in my head.
    Hey. I could build a rod to go with my *****in' vintage Jigmaster...just for ray and sharkin' in the bays. And it would be easy to store and transport...could be stowed behind the seat. I eyeballed it carefully...sure, it's crooked, but who cares? The guy in the booth told me to lean on it hard...and I did. Strong AF. So i bought it.
    Well, the jigmaster got stolen. But then I got an even *****iner, more vintagy one (aluminum spool!) from a dead guy.
    And years later, found that 2 piece blank when I moved.
    stuck the two pieces together and played around with it. Turns out...it's got a bad-fitting joint that doesn't seat properly. waggle it and you can hear it click.
    Is there a way to tighten up that joint? maybe add a few coats of flex-coat or something, and sand it to fit?
    Or should I just chalk it up to experience, make a walking stick out of the butt end and the world's strongest feathered cat toy out of the tip?

    me and my ***CKing bright ideas....
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    Sounds like a fun project CK.. I’ve taken small strips of Scotch tape and wrapped onto the tip to stop that clicking. It doesn’t take much to fill that minuscule gap.. I think your Idea would work as well. Maybe a very thin coat of 5 min epoxy at the end and then roll sand it to fit. Nothing worse than that damn click noise when you wiggle your rod. Lol.
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