When you've discovered a lure that works great - observe the magic 'combination'

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    I've posted many photos of lures stuck in fish's lips on this and other forums. The lures that are keepers in my book and those that have proven themselves above the rest in their category of fishing lures. It doesn't make a difference whether the lure is a crankbait, in-line spinner, soft plastic bait or skirted jig trailer. What matters are specific lure characteristics that make a lure special. These are examples of characteristics that should be seen in-combination that allow an angler to maybe understand what makes a lure superior:
    shape - includes body and tail
    size - thickness included along with length and length range
    material - hair vs soft plastic differ in action
    lure action - extremely important when it comes to lure speed and presentations and most important - that which holds a fish's attention long enough to provoke it to strike.
    presentation(s) that works best. Not all lures can be worked fast - especially finesse lures
    surface texture - determines light reflection
    color/ flash/sparkle - note which color or colors seem to enhance a lure's contrast to surroundings and allows easy visualization of a lure's characteristics underwater. Usually a few will do - even clear plastic lures having the right combination.
    Lure weight / buoyancy - soft plastics can vary in buoyancy (floatation); jig weight can make a big difference in how a lure works and at what speed (presentation)

    Note: a lure's water displacement and vibration depend on some of the above dependent on lure action, shape/ size and the material a lure is made from. The lateral line is a fish's sonar and is extremely sensitive to both.

    Granted, some lures right off the shelf don't need much of an evaluation and can be counted on to catch fish. But not all lures in a category do equally well just as not all soft plastic worms do well equally; same for grubs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, surface lures, etc.

    But sometimes a lure works great and it's impossible to know why. I own some old Rapala Risto Rap crankbaits and they do better than similar crankbait designs especially when trolled. Same for another crankbait of a different shape that's no longer made. All I know is they catch fish and I am afraid to lose them.

    So, when you find lure's that outproduce many others in a category, note the above combination of factors that make it so. As important is finding modifications of a lure you can test that work as well as the original such as making a lure smaller or gluing a bit of glitter to the surface. Over time, you learns what's true and what's not and answer questions such as:
    which colors works well and which don't when it comes to specific lures?;
    what size range of a particular lure catches fish?;
    which hook size range allows best lure action?;
    does a lure have to represent a prey animal to fish? (most definitely not!);
    how can I limit what I take along rather than carry 200 lures - most of which I have little confidence using;
    is blade flashing lures usually as good as other lure types?
    can a very light jig be used with a plastic worm as long as hook size is adequate?
    (ie. I use a 1/32 ball head jig with #2 hook attached to a 5" Kut Tail Worm and it's one of my best lures/ rig combos)
    what trailer(s) works well with a Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon or a skirted jig?

    The questions and answers discovered are endless and make the mysteries of fishing less mysterious and fishing more predictable as far as matching lures to what fish will strike given the conditions. Getting fish to strike lures is key, discovering why they strike them or which lures in specific do better than others, ongoing.
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